Bangla good night sms

Hey friends, today i am sharing some nice bangla good night sms with all of you. These all sms are very romantic and fresh. So you can share these all sms with your friends and also girlfriend. You can send these sms from your mobile phone. To send any sms to any mobile, just copy […]

Bangla birthday sms

Best and nice Bangla birthday sms is here for you. All sms and wishes are special for your friends and family. So you can share all these sms with anyone you want. We think you love these sms after reading these all messages wishes and images. Let,s see. Bangla Birthday Sms / Shuvo Jonmodin: ei […]

Bangla good morning sms

My dear friends, here i have posted some nice and cute bangla good morning sms for your special morning time. Every morning is the new look for every person. In the morning time we like to get some special sms or text wishes and gifts from our liked persons. So today we will share some […]

Bangla jokes five to mara geche

              Sikkhok boltuke engrejite one theke ten porjonto bolte bollo: boltu: one, two, three, four, six, seven, eight nine, ten. sikkhok: Five kothay ? boltu: sir, five to mara geche. sikkhok: Kivabe ? boltu: sir, kalke engreji khobore shunlam ” five died in a car accident”

Bangla jokes dud khele shokti bare

Bangla Jokes:       Kopil: Loke bole dudh khele naki shokti bare. Bondhu: Ham, sotti e to bare, kono sondeho ache ? kopil: Dhur ! 5 glass dudh kheye ei deyalta adha ghoonta dhoira dhakkailam, ek inchio nore nai, sob vua, ekhon 5 glass mod kheye aslam, ekhon dekhi deyal ta amare deikha nijei […]

Bangla jokes for all

Welcome to bangla jokes and sms. In this post you will get many bangla jokes and sms to laugh everytime. All bangla jokes are very funny and nice. So everyone will like these sms and jokes.

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